Welcome to Cheeky's website!


Hi, my name is Cheeky. I'm a Great Dane and this is my website. My human, Lindsay Lewchuk, writes stories based upon me. Her first book, "Cheeky's Security Blanket" is now available! To find out where to purchase your copy, please click the "Books" link. To preview "Cheeky's Security Blanket" click here.

Now introducing my cousin, Puddles, the Great Dane. Puddles has a series of his own. Hisbooks are targeted specifically for beginning readers. Available as interactive e-books, click on the "Books" link to find out more. His first story, "My Big StickAdventure" will be available soon!

Kids, don't forget to check out the "For Fun" links. "The Great Dane Paw Print Hunt" describes the game hidden on every page of the Cheeky's Tales series. "Sharing" has information on the charities we support. "Photos" are albums of our lives.

Thanks for visiting my website!

Puddles welcome photo