Since I was a puppy, Lindsay told me how important it was to share with those who had less than I did. I didn't really understand what she was talking about, so one day she took me to a dog rescue. The puppies there all were happy, but they had many needs that were not being met. They didn't have forever homes. The food they ate, the beds they slept in, and toys they played with were all from donations. The volunteer who showed us around also said the donations paid for medical costs, too.

After visiting the rescue center I wanted to help too. I asked Lindsay how she shared with others. She told me that she knits squares for Warm Up America. She said that not all ways of helping others require donating money. Donating your time or talent to help others is also important.

I decided to share by taking a portion of the royalties from Lindsay's stories and donating it to the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc (MAGDRL). So each book you buy helps support a dog in need.

Click on the links below to learn more about Warm Up America, MAGDRL, and Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love. Note: you'll be leaving my website, so make sure you get your parents' permission first!


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To follow Cheeky's great example, I'm going to send a portion of the sales from my e-books to Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love. They are a wonderful Great Dane rescue that works hard to rehabilitate surrendered Great Danes in order to prepare them for their forever homes. The place each dog with a foster family until the perfect home is found.